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Agonics helps rail networks unlock their digital future.

The digitization of assets and asset condition is key in enabling investments in enterprise asset information (EAM) systems, train control systems and in new conditioning monitoring technologies.

At Agonics we see digitization efforts at rail agencies play an increasingly important role in meeting fundamental compliance obligations and in driving efficiencies in maintenance, planning and operations.

Agonics is a highly experienced team of professionals who have individually serviced rail agencies across the globe for many decades in both client and supplier roles. Agonics was formed in Australia by a team of expert surveyors and engineers with deep domain knowledge of the rail and power sectors. Our purpose is to empower our clients with data and tools that make it easier for them to meet their compliance needs.


The Agonics portfolio of offerings includes:

Digital Asset Inventories for EAM

»  Consulting services on whole of network asset digitisation
»  Data dictionary creation
»  Mapping / data collection and processing services
»  Population of asset inventories
»  Integration with EAM
»  Periodical inventory update services

LiDAR and Imagery for Engineering Compliance

»  Proof of concept studies and assessments
»  Customised reporting to meet statutory compliance requirements
»  Mapping / data collection and processing services
»  Integration with existing maintenance and engineering practises

Clearances services and systems

»  Rolling stock kinematic clearance studies
»  Structure gauge clearance studies
»  Platform gap studies
»  New infrastructure placement studies
»  Clearance measurement system and software supply

Baseline Track Surveys and Datasets for ETCS Projects

»  Mapping and processing services for PTC, ATP and CBTC initiatives
»  Preparation of curve and grade datasets for train control software
»  Feature extraction services
»  Dataset maintenance services

Virtual Track Inspection systems

» Proof of concept studies and assessments
» Field system build and integration with recording platform
» Supply of office based inspection software
» Training and ongoing support

EACR Compliance

» Consulting services
» Preparation of Ellipse Asset Change Requests
» Data validation and quality assurance

The team

We listen. We understand infrastructure networks. We deliver quality data.

We are a passionate and experienced team that delivers value.

Finbar Holland


A professional engineer with over 25 years in the rail industry. Finbar has worked across the world on the client side (German Federal Railways, Sydney Trains) and as a supplier to rail agencies in Australia, North America and Europe. Finbar specialises in bringing technology, people and processes together to modernise traditional approaches to engineering compliance. Finbar works with a number of leading rail agencies to enhance traditional track inspection and measurement regimes with virtual track inspection systems and remote sensing technologies. Finbar is a regular contributor and speaker at rail industry events, focusing on the North American market.

David Presley


A professional surveyor for over 25 years in the rail and power industry, Dave helps rail and power clients in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and North America leverage the use of automated measurement sensors including imagery & LiDAR to meet their engineering compliance needs and improve operations, planning and maintenance. Dave is also a regular contributor and speaker at rail industry events with a focus on the Australian domestic market.

Mark Wrighton

Technical Specialist

With a background in meteorological, oceanographic and spatial sciences, Mark has over 5 years’ experience in the collection, processing, analysis and delivery of complex spatial data on railway networks. Comfortable working across large freight networks and in challenging subway environments, Mark has been integral to the success of many our most challenging rail network mapping projects. His specialities include LiDAR and imagery data collection, data QA and processing, as well as the adoption of LIDAR derived datasets in rail engineering compliance reporting.

Let’s work together

Past and current projects
We are currently capturing, processing and optimizing track, asset and corridor compliance data for network projects globally. We work with partners across industry supporting projects large and small. Read about our projects below to find out more. 

Our projects

Digital Asset Inventories - Melbourne, Australia

David played a key role in the creation of the State of Victoria’s first PASS Assets asset inventory to support the franchising of the Melbourne and country Victorian rail networks to the private sector. Working with the Victorian Department of Infrastructure, David was instrumental in establishing and executing an innovative approach to collect detailed asset information in digital format across an entire rail network using a combination of remote sensing technologies and field visits. David continues to provide services to a range of stakeholders interested in keeping the digital asset inventory up to date.


Virtual Track Inspection - Sydney Australia

In a world first project, Finbar led the initial testing and implementation of a Mechanised Track Patrol (MTP) virtual track inspection system to replace track patrols on foot on the Sydney Metropolitan rail network. Tasks included requirements setting, technology development, vendor management, testing and commissioning, training, safety validation and integration with existing business processes. The system has since been extended to cover the entire Sydney Trains network.

While representing the key technology vendor for MTP, David provided technical and business support for MTP operations at Sydney Trains over several years. In this time David oversaw various technology upgrades and their implementation into the ‘live’ rail environment. He also oversaw the full end to end technical support of the vendor’s technologies at Sydney Trains.


Digital Asset Inventories - British Columbia, Canada

To support the implementation of a new Enterprise Asset Management System (EAM) the Agonics team has assisted Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) to define an approach to efficiently collect asset information across sections of the CP freight network in Vancouver, British Columbia, as a precursor for a larger network wide data collection exercise.  The approach recommended a combination of rail bound data collection, aerial LiDAR and imagery as well as field visits to yards and included technology selection and workflows to manage data between internal and external project stakeholders.


Digital Asset Inventories - San Francisco, United States

To support its ongoing enterprise geographic information system (eGIS) needs, the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) has in recent years embarked on a number of imagery and LiDAR collection projects across its network, working with several different vendors in that time. Finbar was instrumental in setting up the initial data collection project across the 200 track-mile network, delivering a digital asset inventory to an agreed specification and managing the BART relationship on behalf of a supplier organisation, Geomatic Technologies. Working with Agonics, Finbar continues to work with BART on various LiDAR and imagery projects.


Clearances Services for Engineering Compliance - Toronto, Canada

To support the installation of a new train control system (ATC project) and the commissioning of the Toronto – York Spadina Subway Extension (TYSSE), Mark led the successful completion of a mobile LiDAR and imagery survey across the Toronto subway network despite an almost complete lack of GPS coverage. The data was then processed and used to facilitate design checks of new subway cabling to ensure adequate clearances from the kinematic envelope. Mark provided software configuration expertise as well as training to client representatives.


Clearances Services for Engineering Compliance - San Francisco, United States

Using LiDAR and imagery collected for the BART enterprise geographic information system (eGIS), Finbar and Mark assisted BART with a kinematic clearance analysis for the BART New Train Car project to assess tight locations across the network so they could be assessed by BART Engineering representatives for any remedial action that may be required.


Clearances Services for Engineering Compliance - Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand

David has been involved with several projects at KiwiRail that have utilised LiDAR to assess infrastructure and kinematic clearances. In Wellington, David led an investigation on new Rotem Misui trains where passenger step offs at 21 platforms were verified for safety and gap clearance. David also led an investigation on the Johnsonville Line tunnels to determine their suitability in running new trains proposed under the Wellington Regional Train Programme (WRRP).

In Auckland, David assisted Project DART – Developing Auckland’s Rail Transport – by helping KiwiRail investigate the impact on existing overbridges of a planned electrification project and the introduction of new rollingstock. The project relied on mobile LiDAR data previously recorded across the network with the result that problem overbridges were able to be identified in a much quicker and cost-effective fashion that using conventional survey teams on site.


Clearances Services for Engineering Compliance - Sydney, Australia

All Agonics team members have been involved in clearances projects at Sydney Trains and its predecessor organisations and we continue to support Sydney Trains for a range of infrastructure clearance needs.

Projects worked on include the installation of a new ‘leaky feeder’ cable throughout the Circle Circle and North Shore tunnels that required a detailed analysis of mobile LiDAR data to optimise the design placement of the cable and ensure that it would always remained clear of the train dynamic envelope. The narrow tunnels presented some challenges to cable placement and so innovative workflows were developed to ensure a smooth and efficient design approval process.


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